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EPA’s – Entrustable Professional Activities

What are EPAs and why do we need them?

Competency-based medical education is being introduced in Switzerland with a high degree of priority. The assessment of entrustable professional activities (EPAs) will be the key process supporting longitudinal learning in postgraduate training. An EPA is a professional task a trainee is entrusted to perform once she/he has attained sufficient competency. During training EPAs are regularly assessed with evaluation of the degree of supervision needed to perform the task and the opportunity to give feedback to the learner.

Find more about EPAs on the SWIF/ISFM website in German or French.

Based on a survey among the members of the SGN/SSN the Swiss Nephrology EPA task group has developed a set of 42 possible EPAs. The final set of EPAs will form the backbone of the training in nephrology. The introduction of EPAs is planned in 2024, starting as a pilot project. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.

EPA Task group:
Andreas Bock
Suzan Dahdal
Andreas Fischer
Sonia Frick (SIWF)
Adrian Marty (SIWF)
Jennifer Scotti Gerber
Grégoire Wüerzner

In order to facilitate the implementation of EPAs an online training module was designed. We recommend that all trainees in nephrology and all supervisors watch this module before starting to work with EPAs.

View online training Module