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Working groups

Uyen Huynh-Do, Bern President
Paloma Parvex, Genève Vice-President
Olivier Bonny, Fribourg - Lausanne Secretary
Sophie de Seigneux, Genève Member
Olivier Devuyst, Zürich
Heidi Fodstad, Lausanne Member, representative Genetics
Daniel Fuster, Bern Member
Giuseppina Sparta, Zürich Member, representing Pediatric nephrology
Daniel Teta, Sion & Lausanne President
Spyridon Arampatzis, Bern Past-President
Bruno Vogt, Bern Vice-President
Thomas Ernandez, Genève Secretary
Marco Bonani, Zürich Member
Christian Bucher, St. Gallen Member
Lorella Ciutto, Sion Member
Argyrios Georgalis, Chur Member
Karine Hadaya, Chêne-Bougeries Member
Sophie de Seigneux, Genève Co-President
Anne Zanchi-Delacrétaz, Lausanne Co-President
Stefan Bilz, St Gallen Member
Faiza Lamine, Renna Member
Andreas Jehle, Luzern
Harald Seeger, Zürich Member
Bruno Vogt, Bern
Cecilia Czerlau, Bern Member
Ann-Kathrin Schwarzkopf, Bern President
Clemens Jäger, Altstätten Member


The Working Group "Quality" has been established by the SSN Board on 28.4. 2021.
Its aim is to support Swiss nephrologists in quality issues and thus to promote quality in all areas of nephrology.
It is to give Swiss nephrologists a voice in discussions about quality at all political levels.
It is the contact person for the federal quality commission when it comes to questions of quality in all fields of nephrology.

Members of the group are:
Hans-Ruedi Räz, Baden Luca Gabutti, Bellinzona
Belen Ponte, Genf Aurelia Schnyder, St. Gallen
Ann-Kathrin Schwarzkopf, Bern Stephan Segerer, Aarau