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Conflict of Interest Forms (COI’s) – Board, Commissions- and Working Group Members – 2022

Family nameFirst nameProfessional addressPosition in the SGN/SSNCompany 1Possible conflict 1Company 2Possible conflict 2Possible conflict 3Company 4Company 5Company 6Additional possible conflict of interestPossible conflict 4Possible conflict 5Possible conflict 6Company 7Company 8Company 9Company 10
Test 15.2.22TestTestcityTestbossHeugabelOwnership, board membership or employment, StockRasenmäherConsultancy, honoraria, Advisory board, Royalties, PatentsAdvisory board, Education, presentation/speaker feeKaffeetasseKunterbuntBlauweiss

Ich habe heute nichts vor, da Mailin operiert wurde.

Research grant/support, publication fees, Travel/accommodation reimbursementOwnership, board membership or employmentStock    
SartorioMassimoVia Raffaello Sanzio 9/11positiontestOwnership, board membership or employment, Stockcomp2Education, presentation/speaker fee            
ShaneSamMusterstrasse 12, 12334 MusterstettenChefnone none     


ShaneSamMusterstrasse 12, 12334 MusterstettenChefMüslimacherOwnership, board membership or employment, Stock, Travel/accommodation reimbursementHundefleischRoyalties, Patents, Education, presentation/speaker feeConsultancy, honoraria, Advisory board, Advisory board, Research grant/support, publication fees