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Uyen Huynh-Do, Bern President
Paloma Parvex, Genève Vice-President
Olivier Bonny, Lausanne Secretary
Olivier Devuyst, Zürich Member
Sophie de Seigneux, Genève Member
Heidi Fodstad, Lausanne Member, representative genetics
Thomas Neuhaus, Zürich Member, representing Pediatric nephrology
Daniel Fuster, Bern Member
Inherited kidney diseases are involved in up to 20% of patients with end-stage renal disease. These diseases represent a major health challenge requiring  scientific collaboration and exchange. The creation of the Working Group on Inherited Kidney Disorders of the Swiss Society of Nephrology aims: to encourage communication and disseminate knowledge, in whole Switzerland, on the clinical, genetic, mechanistic and social aspects of inherited diseases affecting the kidney; to foster exchange between adult and pediatric nephrologists, geneticists and researchers, actors involved in ethics, health economics, etc...; to address the need for epidemiology data and registries, the necessity for earlier and more efficient diagnosis, as well as improved and affordable care; to share experience with health care providers, patients and their families; and to organize specific meetings, with priority for case discussion and organization in the various regions of Switzerland.  
Internal Rules - WGIKD Approved at the 49th GA of December 8, 2017

Are you interested in inherited kidney diseases and do you have questions?

The Working Group on Inherited Kidney Disorders (WGIKD) of the SGN/SSN has been created in 2013 in order to encourage communication and disseminate knowledge on the clinical, genetic, mechanistic and social aspects of inherited diseases affecting the kidney. These disorders include inherited nephropathies affecting all components of the nephron as well as cystic kidney disorders.

In order to facilitate these contacts, we are glad to inform you that the WGIKD has established a dedicated email address for all your questions related to rare or inherited kidney disorders:

All questions related to the clinical, genetic, social or research aspects of these diseases are welcome.
Your message will be treated confidentially, by the most appropriate member(s) of the group, to provide a rapid answer to your queries.

We encourage you to use this new communication tool and are looking forward to interact with you.

Yours sincerely,
The president of the SGN/SSN and the president of the WGIKD                                           04.05.2018


Spyridon Arampatzis, Bern President
Bruno Vogt, Bern Vice-President
Daniel Teta, Sion & Lausanne Past-President
Thomas Ernandez, Genève Secretary
Marco Bonani, Zürich Member
Christian Bucher, St. Gallen Member
Lorella Ciutto, Sion Member
Karine Hadaya, Genève Member
Argyrios Georgalis, Basel Member
The aim for this new working group (WG) is to create a platform of interest focused on the management of nutrition, bone disease and sarcopenia in patients affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). This platform is intended to follow a multidisciplinary approach involving nephrologists, renal dieticians, physiotherapists and renal nurses who all take care of renal patients under different angles. A multi-region representation has been thought. 
Internal Rules - WG-NSB Approved at the 49th GA of December 8, 2017


Composition and Co-chairs:
1.Swiss Society of Nephrology (SGN/SSN)
2.Swiss Society of Endocrinology and Diabetology (SGED/SSED)
Members - to be confirmed
Goals and objectives:
1. Pave the way for a better collaboration and networking between Swiss diabetologists and nephrologists, and
2. Set up common Swiss recommendations for diagnosis and management of diabetic nephropathy


Ann-Kathrin Schwarzkopf, Bern President
Clemens Jäger, Altstätten Member

About 30% of the centers in Switzerland offering dialysis are private institutions.
In addition to patient care, they are themselves responsible for the infrastructure of their centres.
This working group of "Freipraktizierende Nephrologen” within the SGN/SSN was founded to share experiences and to advise the requests of these smaller units.

Statuten - Verein Freipraktizierende Nephrologen - 03.12.2015

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