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Join SSN today and support Swiss wide efforts in advancing kidney care.


The benefits of SSN membership are:

* Possibility to actively work within the Swiss Nephrology Society, be part of the Board, or participate to
   various commissions or to the Dialysis registry,...

* Receive E-mail notifications on nephrology news, CME information, new health policies and much more...

* Reduced registration fee at the Swiss Nephrology annual Meeting

* Unrestricted access to the members only pages of the www.swissnephrology.ch website.
      Get the pdf of lectures given during the annual meeting!

* Exclusive access to the SSN membership directory

* Get collective membership to the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) for a discounted price. 
      • Benefit from all benefits of regular ISN members. 
      • Receive Kidney International, Kidney International Supplements and Kidney International Reports for FREE
      • Get reduced price for Nature Review Nephrology and Seminar in Nephrology.



Möchten Sie Mitglied der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Nephrologie werden?
Gerne laden wir Sie dazu ein.

Ein Aufnahmegesuch sollte Ihr Curriculum Vitae beinhalten und ein Empfehlungsschreiben von zwei SGN-Mitgliedern.
Dieses Gesuch schicken Sie bitte jeweils vor dem 1. Oktober an das Office, damit dieses geprüft werden kann.
Die offizielle Aufnahme wird anlässlich der alljährlich im Dezember organisierten Generalversammlung vollzogen.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Gesuch und bedanken uns schon jetzt für Ihr Interesse an unserer Fachgesellschaft.


Vous souhaitez devenir membre de la Société Suisse de Néphrologie?
Nous vous y convions volontiers!

Votre candidature sera proposée à l’assemblée générale annuelle (en décembre) de la SSN/SGN si vous nous faites parvenir un dossier contenant votre curriculum vitae et deux lettres de parrainage de membres de la SSN/SGN (à adresser à l'Office avant le 1er octobre chaque année).

Nous vous remercions de votre intérêt pour notre Société et nous réjouissons de vous y accueillir.


You wish to become a member of the Swiss Society of Nephrology?
We cordially invite you to do so.

Your application should be accompanied by your CV and two recommendation letters by SSN members.
The General Assembly taking place in December will approve your application and therefore we need all relevant documents by October 1 of the year in question. They should be sent to the office

We are looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in our Society. 

Mitgliederbeitrag / Cotisation / Membership fee 2018


Cat. FMH/ISFM title Details CHF
Fee / Year
1 With FMH/ISFM title You carry an FMH/ISFM title in either internal medicine, nephrology, pediatrics or equivalent title from other countries 350.00
2 Without FMH/ISFM title You do not carry an FMH/ISFM title 300.00
3 Retired You are retired but wish to have the collective ISN membership 250.00
4 Retired You are retired and do not wish the ISN collective membership 0.00

ISN subscription is included by default for all SSN member categories.
This includes the free online Version of Kidney International, Kidney International Supplements and Kidney Internationl Reports.

The SSN fees do not include the fees for your FMH Membership.

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