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51. Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Nephrology SGN-SSN
December 5-6, 2019 – Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken


The course takes place once a year during the SSN Annual Meeting
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The Schweizerische Nierenstiftung is once more inviting you - or members of your team - to submit research projects in 2019.
Details (Guidelines, Applicationform) can be found here


Medizinischer Wandel im Kalten Krieg
Die Entstehung der Nephrologie am Inselspital Bern
smarter medicine – eine Kampagne mit breiter Abstützung
Wie kann smarter medicine in der Nephrologie umgesetzt werden?

smarter medicine – une campagne largement soutenue
Comment smarter medicine peut s’appliquer en néphrologie?


Dear Members of the SGN/SSN or other colleagues interested in inherited kidney diseases

The Working Group on Inherited Kidney Disorders (WGIKD) of the SGN/SSN has been created in 2013 in order to encourage communication and disseminate knowledge on the clinical, genetic, mechanistic and social aspects of inherited diseases affecting the kidney. These disorders include inherited nephropathies affecting all components of the nephron as well as cystic kidney disorders.

In order to facilitate these contacts, we are glad to inform you that the WGIKD has established a dedicated email address for all your questions related to rare or inherited kidney disorders:

All questions related to the clinical, genetic, social or research aspects of these diseases are welcome.
Your message will be treated confidentially, by the most appropriate member(s) of the group, to provide a rapid answer to your queries.

We encourage you to use this new communication tool and are looking forward to interact with you.

Yours sincerely,
The president of the SGN/SSN and the president of the WGIKD

Choosing Wisely 
Fünf Dinge, die Ärzte und Patienten bedenken sollten
Cinq choses sur lesquelles médecins et patients devraient s'interroger
Cinque pratiche per le quali i medici e i pazienti dovrebbero porsi delle domande


Leitender Oberarzt
Innere Medizin – Nephrologie
in Bayern



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